Gardening using Biofertilizers

Gardening using Biofertilizers

You want beautiful flowers and vegetables that are plentiful and healthy. That’s why gardening with biofertilizers makes sense. This article will be about gardening with Biofertilizers.

Biofertilizers, like Biota Max, contain living microorganisms. Usually the biofertilizers, sometimes soil amendments, soil probiotics or soil microbes, contain beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil fungi like Trichoderma. Mycorrhiza are also included in many biofertilizers.

Living microorganisms are the most important part of fertile soil. In fact, with soil microbes soil would be nearly useless to the plant. So your garden needs the little helpers, soil microbes to grow healthy,  productive plants.

Biofertilizers are best when applied at the time of planting. In the case of annuals, use biofertilizers at the time transplanting. This will help avoid transplant shock.

The reason use want ti use biofertilizers at the beginning of the growing season is because that is when the roots are growing and taking in nutrients. Biofertilizers encourage root growth that’s true, but they also improve nutrient uptake by the roots.

In fact microbial soil amendments also make nutrients more bioavailable to the plant. This means that the microbes process the nutrients into a form that the plant can use.

Ok, so what should you do if you have already planted your crops or have perennials. In this case, simply apply the microbial soil probiotics as a drench treatment. In other words, apply the biofertilizers to the top of the soil. Make sure and add enough water. The microbes will travel with the water to the plant roots.

And that’s where we want our beneficial microbes, on the plants roots.

Gardening with biofertilizers can help you grow healthy productive plants and vegetables. With this approach you can also avoid using as much traditional fertilizers.

Good luck with your gardening this year.


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