Halloween Tungsten Rings for Him

Weddings themed around Halloween are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some insights.

Themed weddings are beginning to become all the rage, and surprisingly one of the most popular themes for weddings is Halloween. Halloween has always been a festive holiday, and many grown ups are realizing that it’s not just for kids anymore. The amount of theming you want to do on your Halloween wedding can be very little or you can go all out!

If you want to go the more traditional route for your wedding, keeping your wedding colors orange and black can help keep your guests from feeling like they have walked into a crypt. Brides can wear traditional white wedding dresses and grooms can still wear black tuxedos while bridesmaids and groomsmen wear orange accents. White wedding dresses are not the only colors that are available to brides these days, there are actually black and even red wedding dresses that beautifully gothic. Bouquets and boutonnières can be fall or Halloween colors as well, decorations like pumpkins can also be a great addition to a Halloween themed wedding and the wedding cake can have elements of Halloween added to it as well, like a Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein wedding cake topper.

For the bridal party that wants to go with a scary theme, costumes are not completely out of the question and asking guests to come dressed in their favorite costume is a great way to make sure that everyone gets in on the fun. When looking for flowers for the wedding, black roses are beautifully cryptic, if you cannot find black roses ask your florist if there is any way that your flowers can take a darker tone either through paint or dye. The wedding reception can allow you to go wild with your theme; everything from dry ice to fog machines can be made for a scary entrance for the wedding party. If you are going to have a DJ at the party ask them to play Halloween related songs such as the Monster

Mash or even the theme from the movie Halloween. You can easily rename some of your wedding receptions food, if you are going to have chicken fingers, call them witches fingers; Buffalo wings can become bat wings. The wedding cake can have a Halloween theme all of its own as well. Gothic candelabras would be both scary and beautiful on the tables and even carved jack o’lanterns can help guide guests to their tables.

Tungsten rings themed around Halloween

You would not believe how popular these rings for men are right now. I was talking to Nathan who owns an Americantungsten black wedding rings online store. And he clearly statated that the most popular rings in 2017 were black, with many men purchasing during the halloween month for their wedding. This confirms that halloween weddings and tungsten bands are still very much alive.

When planning a Halloween themed wedding the sky is the limit, there is nothing that you cannot do, you can make it as dark or as light hearted as you want it to be, it is after all your special day!

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