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Does article marketing still work

Does Article Marketing still work? Or is it dead?

In recent years, we’ve seen the great shift of consumer interest from traditional forms of marketing to digital ones. Modern consumers now prefer baiting information online than read articles in print, and watch an ad on YouTube than skim through ads on TV and magazines.  However, wise marketing professionals know that useful online content is and should be at the core of every business’ marketing strategy.

Article marketing employs the use of developing current, helpful and relevant content to engage and gain targeted consumers, all done with the aim of compelling those customers to take action on what the marketer ultimately wants them to do, be it signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product or service. The end objective here for many of course, is to drive more sales by bypassing the oft-overused traditional ad fluff and instead, distributing content that customers will find useful and worth patronizing.

Content Marketing: The Next Generation Marketing Drug of Choice

These benefits are already tried and proven in many studies. At least 60 percent of consumers feel a positive affinity to a company after reading targeted content about and from them. That’s a lot more than what traditional media can offer. It is not surprising therefore that many known brands like Procter & Gamble now incorporate this marketing technique in their strategy.

It is impossible for any business to successfully market a product, service, or company without good articles – that goes even for traditional media. Regardless of what product you offer and what industry you dabble in, content goes hand-in-hand with all spectrums of your marketing strategy. It is after all, good content that sparks the interest of social media users to click and share your links.

Engaging articles determine if the site good enough to receive inbound links and traffic. And with recent developments in search engine algorithms, apparently, it is also quality content more than SEO that search engines place weight on when it comes to ranking. Today we have published a new article about black tungsten wedding bands for him. And its already ranking on page one. So evidently we are doing something right don’t you think!

By delivering and curating well-written, relevant, and useful articles, businesses are able to communicate their desires, personality and values to customers without sounding like a hard sell. Instead of offering your products, you integrate relevant information in your marketing strategies in a non-interrupted fashion. The difference is, you own the content. You don’t rent an ad space and don’t pay hefty fees for published medium.

Through your articles, you make consumers smarter. They will remember your brand not because of annoying ads, but because you provided them with something useful. Ultimately, the effect is to subliminally affect and influence consumer insight and behavior by giving them something valuable. In turn, you will be rewarded with better brand recall and customer loyalty.

More forms of content are becoming popular these days like video and podcasts, but people will always have a passion for reading great quality content

So is article marketing dead? Not at all! And you know what? It will never die, period. As long as the world wide web exists content will be king. SEO techniques may come and go but good articles will always be an asset for any website, new or old.