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What is Article Ranks

ArticleRanks is a new form of article marketing and content distribution, you can plug in your sites and receive unique content or distribute your articles on a variety of user submitted sites to get on topic themed links.

Membership Types

  1. 1) The FREE way. Add your sites to the system and earn credits for each article that gets published on your site, which can then be exhanged to allow you to publish articles.
  2. 2) Buy individual credits, this is great if you are only planning to use the system say once a month
  3. 3) Upgrade your account to monthly subscription, pay a small fee and have unlimited publishing access.

Add Article

You can enter your article into the system choose a top level category, if you wish to choose two top level categories then there is a cost of credits. Depending on the category you choose the system then checks the sites in the database to see where the sites are hosted and gives you country specifics incase you want to target a local search engine.

You then enter your article body, you can enter this normally or with spin syntax,the system has two levels of spinning. So you could spin like this {sentence 1~alternative sentence 1~alternative sentence 1} but you can also spin specific words inside the first { } by using [ | ] so {sentence 1~alternative sentence 1~alternative [sentence|paragraph] 1}. Note things such as full stops, ! and ? should always go after the closing }.

After entering the article title and body you can choose a specific date you want the article to begin publishing, so you can schedule it to start a few months ahead.

You then enter your tags related to the article, if you want you promote a YouTube video, you can also enter a YouTube URL not the embed code and some anchor text in the box below to increase the search ranking of the video.

Finally you can limit the amount that specific article gets distributed into the network, leave blank for unlimited. Then read and agree to the terms.

Add Site

ArticleRanks rewards webmasters for adding sites to the system. ArticleRanks gives users a certain amount of credits for each distribution on your site. ArticleRanks constantly checks the power and PR of the sites you have added. The more powerful your site the more credits you will receive for each distribution.

You enter your URL the system then detects the API. On the next screen you can then configure which articles you want to receive on your site. You first select a category that best suits the content you want to receive. You can then specify tags. So the only articles you will receive on your site are the ones that match your category and tag requirements. Tags costs 1 credit each.

You can then specify a limit on the articles you want to receive on any given day. There are two ways to accept articles either automatically or manually. If you choose automatically then you can specify a percentage of how unique you would like each article to be. If you choose manual then you will have to log in to the system to read through articles in the queue and either accept or reject them. You can to this by clicking on Options>>Accept Articles, note the accept articles drop down will only appear if there are articles waiting for you.

Finally you should then enter your author information (must have publishing rights) and click on Add site. This will then take you to a Map Categories screen where you can map the categories you chose for AR to your site categories so the system knows EXACTLY where to post. Save that and its all done.

Note: If you want to spin the author account so its not always publishing from the same username then you can click on edit and add another author.


ArticleRanks has a very easy and unique spinning function, you can literally spin everything in your article to make it unique.

Spinning is simple, on the spinning screen you will see a list of avaliable sentences. To spin you just click on one which opens up and gives you ten alternative versions, you do NOT have to enter ALL ten. You can either rewrite in the box manually or populate the box and use the Assist feature which then analyses the sentence and gives you alternative phrase. You cannot manually enter words while in assist mode, to fix errors close assist.